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VIC Unveils First in Market Customizable Meal Kit and Recipe Solution for Grocers

VIC Unveils First in Market Customizable Meal Kit and Recipe Solution for Grocers

VIC Unveils First in Market Customizable Meal Kit and Recipe Solution for Grocers

Knoxville, TN, October 14, 2016– Today VIC, a retail technology solutions provider, introduced its Get Cooking! e-commerce enabled meal kit solution as part of VIC’s newest offering for grocery retailers. Meal kits offer a convenient and time-saving solution to the age-old question of ‘What’s for dinner?’ With this solution, a grocer can manage its original recipe content, access over 300k product-linked recipes, use any recipe to create customized meal kits then automatically recommend meal pairings such as store-made appetizers, side dishes and desserts.  This unique, first in market solution was designed with customization, seasonality, sponsorship and upsell opportunities in mind.

“Many grocers include recipes on their websites, but it is typically static content that is rarely updated,” says John McSpadden, Director of Technology and Innovation at VIC.  “Our technology not only offers the ability for any recipe to become shop-able, but is the first to suggest recipes, meal kits and in-store ready-to-eat items based on what shoppers are viewing, buying or about to make.”

These recipes “learn” to follow shopper’s ingredient-to-product preferences and remember what brands they prefer to buy, even what size.  Ingredients automatically indicate associated digital coupons or sponsored CPG products, and can be blended with other content, such as weekly circulars and product searches.  This full integration carries all the way through to shopping lists and carts.

“The recent popularity of meal kit subscriptions shows that some shoppers like to cook at home but want or need time-saving shortcuts.  One of the challenges is deciding what to make, searching for a recipe, then going to the store to try to match ingredients to products and pick up a few extra items to go with the recipe,” explains Steve Siopsis, President of VIC. “We wanted to simplify the process, offer a new way to shop, by connecting the center and perimeter store products.”

With this first to market solution, grocery retailers have an all-in-one solution that can be personalized for each shopper across all of their digital end-points, giving them an edge over subscription services and even restaurants. Shoppers will have a single source for meal planning, recipe browsing, ingredient shopping, time-saving shortcut preparations and cost-saving coupons.

The solution is now available as a plugin for any existing website/mobile app, through APIs, or as part of the full VIC e-commerce platform.

(Further details outlining the features and benefits of VIC’s recipe and meal kit solutions module can be found on the data sheet included with this release.)

Founded in 1995, VIC is a retail technology provider specializing in the grocery/supermarket industry.  Its e-commerce and shopping trip planning platform and its components are designed to adapt and connect grocery retailers to their shoppers based on their brand and market strategy to build differentiation.

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