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Empowering Grocery at the Intersection of Commerce and Content

Digital grocery is evolving. Our commerce & engagement technology, together with food content creation, management and syndication enable its future.

Content Driven Commerce+

Content powers engagement, influencing commerce and how purchase decisions are made. Our technology and services empower their flow between brands, grocers, shoppers and everything in between.

The first and only platform to create, manage, use and syndicate product data and content, focused on the unique needs of building food experiences at any channel.

Original and white label mouth-watering food content production. Video, photography, recipes and articles, through our in-house studio. Tech-enabled.

Commerce platform, focused on grocery, for retailers to launch exclusive digital shopping experiences, differentiate, and drive their digital future.

The base for all your digital channels, from your website to mobile apps, completely integrated with your systems and brand, driven by you as if everything was built in-house.

Headless microservices, cloud-native, API-first approach for unlimited scalability, focused on grocery and digital food experiences.

Marketing campaigns and customer service through any channel, online or in-store, entirely personalized and executed on command, all under one platform.

Online or in-store, marketing and customer service, through email, SMS and Voice, QR codes to chatbots.

Implementation & Execution Included

Build for the future

We help you

create, manage, evaluate and re-evaluate any digital initiative based on our technology and services so you can execute on-demand.
Deep development, integration and implementation services, and an API-first approach, to assist with any step along the way.

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