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Management & Syndication Platform: BigOven Build

The first and only platform to create, manage, use and syndicate product data and content, focused on the unique needs of building food experiences at any channel.

Influence purchase decisions

BigOven Build is the first and only master data management platform for brands and retailers to orchestrate and present immense food experiences around their product data, recipes, and other content, influencing purchasing decisions at any digital touchpoint.

Enter content once and use it anywhere

Enter product data and content once, your own or request BigOven Kitchen creative services that are available through the platform, in a standardized format, then utilize through an API-first approach on your websites, mobile apps and virtual assistants.

Make content shoppable

Relate your content to your product data for relevancy. Transform recipe ingredients and articles with actionable product data relationships for shoppable content.

Showcase at scale no matter how big or small you are

Automatically reach audiences at scale through our own consumer channel, BigOven, and existing distribution partners, with your own public page showcasing your content and recipes.

Captivate consumers through content

Retailers and partners can access your product data and content, including recipes, articles and how-tos, to seamlessly blend into their e-commerce channels so they can sell and upsell where purchasing decisions are made. Reposition from commodity commerce to providing consumer solutions with content-driven commerce.

Order on-demand creative services through BigOven Build and manage their lifecycle to fill any content gaps, launch new products and create marketing initiatives. With custom creative capabilities through BigOven Kitchen and a vast library of white label stock videos and photos, BigOven Build is a technology platform with production services built-in:


  • Videos for any touchpoint around your products or recipes
  • Photography that bespeaks
  • Articles, how-tos and promotional content to assist the shopping journey
  • Recipes featuring your products as ingredients designed to create brand advocates and become household staples

BigOven Build’s integrated product data management (PIM) capabilities transform product data into actionable dynamic content that is closely related to your current content to create infinite shopping possibilities.

Create workflows by managing all of your users, their roles and permissions to manage your content.

As a master data management (MDM) platform, you only enter or bulk upload once and use anywhere in a standardized format. With digital asset management capabilities that can deliver your content through edge internet content delivery networks (CDN), consumers view your content at its best including:

  • Product data and photography
  • Recipes, including recipe collections and menus
  • Articles, editorials, how-tos and blog posts

Omnichannel publishing, no matter the channel, exclusively for the CPG and grocery retail industry drives purchase decisions through content. With BigOven Build, your content can be deployed and reused across all channels and power food-centric digital experiences on:

  • Your websites and mobile apps, from meal planning and recipe portals all the way to virtual assistants with recipe content standardized for them. With available plugins for popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, add your BigOven Build content to your website effortlessly.
  • Partners and grocery retailers platforms for infinite e-commerce possibilities including shoppable recipes.
  • Our consumer channel, BigOven website, BigOven app and through other BigOven partners, with a custom profile page dedicated to your brand that BigOven members can follow and interact with.
  • Search engines and social media following the standards that engines require to recognize food content and improve SEO.

Use & Syndicate

Enter content once - Use at ANY channel

Your website and app

Build your own food content and recipeportals.

Smart assistants

Your recipes are automatically entered in voice assistant compatible formats.

BigOven partners

Smart kitchen appliance manufacturersthat use BigOven Build APIs to create anddrive rich food experiences.

Your partners and retailers

Give access to your content so it canreside on their web sites and apps whereyour customers buy your products.

BigOven web site and apps

Your recipes will be available and searchable on BigOven social media platforms, including a profile page dedicated to your brand that BigOven members can follow.

Other BigOven API customers

BigOven Build APIs are consumed by an ever-growing community of organizations to create food related web sites and apps.

API Access

Create digital food experiences

BigOven Build REST APIs are a headless base, built for innovation. Available together or standalone, they can be used to create digital food engagement touchpoints. Our very own BigOven mobile app, built on top of the same BigOven Build APIs, are a perfect showcase of their ability to rapidly drive any front-end, without the cost of infrastructure and building a backend:

Access and use over 1,000,000+ public recipes and food articles, including your own content.
Build any digital touchpoint from websites and apps, virtual assistants, IoT, to smart kitchen appliances. Reuse the same content across all touchpoints using the same familiar APIs.
Build experiences with capabilities such as shopping lists, menu planners, and many other features. 
With partners such as SoundHound, integrate voice assistants within your apps and voice enable “What’s for dinner?”
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