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Our Technology

Digital transformation of the flow of content for engagement and commerce, API-first, microservices, headless and cloud driven.

All About CDC+ Architecture

In the age of influence, digital grocery is rapidly evolving. Digital has transformed shoppers to look for solutions, and not commodities. Attracting customers, is about adapting to their expectations.

Shopping decisions

are made in ANY channel

What to buy? What to eat?
How can I plan better?
How can I save?
How do I make this?
What store should I shop from?
Can’t go to the store!

We make answering these simple, helping you build any digital grocery experience, from recipe and food content portals, online stores and customer service websites and apps, to engaging with your customers no matter where they are.

That is because our technology and services are based on a composable architecture, that includes your business decisions, and evolves and scales with you to build any digital grocery experience:


APIs, Application Programming Interfaces, allow different components to communicate with each other, such as adding items to a cart and, in the end, your credit card is sent to your bank through an API to process the payment.

APIs make it possible to have data flows and communication paths across applications. They make integration, innovation, and expansion easier along with easy maintenance.

The API-first approach gives: 

  • Flexible access to different components
  • Simplified development process
  • Reduced development time
  • Easier business feedback process
  • Reliability and consistency


Microservices build experiences on top of loosely coupled platform services. Each service is capable enough to execute and function independently and is built for a specific capability, such as building and storing a shopping list. The Microservices approach:
  • Allows the independent deployment of each service as needed
  • Scales as additional services can be introduced without affecting existing services
  • Significantly reduces downtime
  • Reduces the time to market
  • Evolves the tech stack as needed without affecting the whole platform
  • Decouples frontend from backend


Cloud-native is about developing, deploying, and managing software in an online scalable cloud for scalability and continuous delivery.

The Cloud-Native approach:

  • Reduces costs with no on-premises infrastructure needed
  • Adapts based on demand and requirements
  • Automates every phase of development and deployment
  • Provides seamless security infrastructure
  • Scales as needed


Headless means that the frontend, the interface visible on web and mobile apps, is separate from the backend. The decoupling of frontend and backend, allows building websites and mobile apps that are completely customized with a look, features and functionality that is completely unique for each retailer. Because of this, the retailer completely drives their digital future, through their own business decisions, unlike white label solutions and technology roadmaps of third-party vendors. The Headless Approach:
  • Removes limitations of what websites and mobile apps can contain
  • Future-proofs digital based on business goals
  • Gives the advantage of differentiation as if everything was built in-house
  • Provides the foundation of any digital customer experience
  • Completely follows retailer branding and market positioning

Our technology architecture, multiple independent microservices and APIs, gives the advantage of keeping up with digital trends and incorporate any future initiative, that monolith systems fail to do so.

Composability, high availability, and seamless integrations – our technology platforms are the CDC+  base for the future of the flow of content, engagement, and commerce to build any digital grocery experience.

Security & Compliance

We have built everything from the ground up with compliance and security in mind, with all the building blocks created in-house. The simple reason is that we want to be able to pass any audit or PCi compliance review while knowing each line of code.
Together, with secure and scalable on-demand cloud hosting on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, we are future-ready, backed by a team of experts with proactive hosting management and monitoring.
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