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Engagement Platform

Marketing campaigns and customer service through any channel, online or in-store, entirely personalized and executed on command, all under one platform.

Transform your campaigns, from one-size-fits-all weekly circular emails, SMS and app push promotions with content personalized for each customer

Engagement starts when customers can relate to what they see. Our platform, with deep integration to BigOven Build and “flavor profile” engine, can personalize every single aspect of the final email your customers receive. Down to food content, such as recipes, so it is all relevant and you can outreach your customers like never before.

Engage online and in-store while customers are making decisions

Create promotions linked in real time to sponsorships or digital coupons and allow customers to clip them through simple QR code scans or SMS text messages while they shop.

Amplify customer service without additional labor costs and help customers no matter how they choose to shop with automation

With built-in chatbot functionality, the platform’s AI engine uses machine learning to understand questions and provide relevant responses, on your web sites, apps, or in-store through virtual voice assistants. With integrations to our Commerce platform, BigOven Build and partners, conversational commerce, from “what can I make with these ingredients?” to “what is on sale this week at the produce department?” can become part of the shopping journey.

Work on your bottom line and leave execution to us

Specialized labor to help create, manage and execute your campaigns, from email design, auditing each campaign for compliance to ensure inbox delivery, manage sending to assist integration to your digital channels, chatbot training and ongoing management, is all included so you regain your core focus. 

From weekly emails to transactional messages when an order is placed, they are all opportunities to relate with customers and influence purchase decisions. Our platform makes personalization down to every aspect of email campaign content, including promotions and weekly ad items, food content such as recipes, and digital coupons, a simple task.

As first-party data, knowing your customers, become the most important aspect of the future of digital, email is the one-to-one channel for retail media and content and our Interactions platform can create, check emails for compliance, and send and measure results.

With Aisle Ahead’s creative services, BigOven Kitchen, and integration with BigOven Build, you can send powerful and highly-personalized targeted emails your customers can relate to, with minimal internal resources, all executed by us based on your business needs – on-demand.

Deliver real-time interactive marketing campaigns and customer self-service tools over voice and SMS/MMS and schedule and send trigger-based push notifications to your mobile apps. The Interactions platform equips your teams with customer self-service tools that can be seamlessly integrated with any system, and we help you develop any solution that can deliver a greater experience and engagement to your customers.

From tools such as gift card balance lookup over IVR or SMS to customers getting notifications and approving order substitutions, with full integration to our Commerce headless platform, what can be built is endless and for any customer experience. 

With full marketing campaign capabilities, shortcode or local phone number support, integrations with digital coupon providers, and ability to integrate with your own technology stack, actionable, any-trigger, text and push notifications can engage your audience no matter where they are.

Setup and take live in-store promotions to engage your customers in-store, while purchasing decisions are made. With real-time integrations with retail media platforms, digital coupons providers and your own loyalty systems, setting up a new promotion is a few clicks away on Interactions platform. From text to clip digital coupons, to scan QR codes to find relevant recipes and what to make with what a customer is buying, amplify your customers journey, increase basket size and generate revenue.

Powered by AI, the Interactions platform’s chatbot engine can launch powerful experiences so you can connect with your customers 24/7, answering questions and providing customer service on demand, on your website, apps or even in-store through voice. 

Go beyond customer service and launch commerce experiences from letting your customers use simple sentences to add items to their cart, to finding where products are located in the store and locating promotions. With full integration to BigOven Build and Commerce headless platform, conversational commerce joins commerce with your customers in the most natural way that feels human. 

With machine learning and natural language understanding driving the platform’s engine, you can set your goals while we execute them, all based on your business goals, setting you apart from competition.

Execution Services

Whether starting a new customer engagement experience, or looking for ways to elevate your current engagement strategies, our team of experts is here to assist every step of the way, labor shortage proofing your initiatives. We create, manage, evaluate and re-evaluate what the Interactions platform can do for you and execute no matter the complexity of your initiatives.

With our creative, system integration, and development teams, including mobile, from managing newsletters with millions of subscribers to setting up and training your chatbot capabilities, we help you plan, do the heavy-lifting, and execute your engagement efforts, ensuring that deployments are hassle-free, based on your requirements, delivered to match your business goals.

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