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Commerce Platform

Infinite commerce platform, focused on grocery, for retailers to launch exclusive digital shopping experiences, differentiate, and drive their digital future.

Digital commerce, driven by your goals. Not a technology vendor or third-party

Our headless microservices commerce platform decouples the front-end, what your customers see and the features and functionality they have, and back-end. In the ever-changing world of grocery retail, we provide the tools for rapid deployment and redeployment based on best practices; so you can adapt, scale fast and be ready for tomorrow.

Unlike off-the-shelf and white label solutions, your digital channels, from your website to mobile apps, can provide a unique shopper experience, completely integrated with your systems and brand, and driven by you as if everything was built in-house.

Cover all the channels that influence shopping decisions with the same platform

What to buy? What to eat?

Personalization, meal and recipe ideas

How do I make this?

Content based shopping and inspiration

How can I plan better?

Meal planning and content aware shopping lists and carts

What store should I shop from?

Convenience through digital for online or in-store shopping

How can I save?

Digital coupons, offers, brand sponsorships, circulars & promotions

Can't go to the store?

Curbside or delivery

Transform a commodity-based market to solutions-driven with a content-first approach

Content is influencing shopping decisions, and can even make them. Our content driven commerce approach interconnects grocery items with content, making it shoppable. With deep integration into BigOven Build, BigOven Kitchen, other content providers, and our “flavor profile” personalization engine, you can transform grocery shopping into an immense food experience.

Merge e-commerce, in-store shopping, and all the tools your employees need to manage it all

Engage your customers no matter where they start or where they end their shopping trip with an any-channel shopping experience. Delivery or curbside pickup, tools to build grocery lists and meal plans, or portals to decide what to make and eat, our platform is the base to build or enhance any grocery and food digital customer experience. With built-in features such as content management system (CMS), product information management (PIM), integration with our engagement platform and leading technology partners, included execution and implementation services, and an API-first approach, we cover the whole path to purchase so you can connect with your customers like never before.

Content is not only influencing shopping decisions but making them. Providing millions of grocery items, product options, sales and coupons, multi-level pricing, and constant updates are just a few aspects of content. Content that sells through solutions should be interconnected and complementary to products, to influence decisions, promote long-term loyalty and make shopping effortless. Content that answers questions about what to do with specific products and is also commerce enabled, or shoppable, is key. Our platform has shoppable content end-points already built-in, specifically for grocery retail such as:


  • Shoppable recipes and video, integrated all the way to checkout with meal planner functionality.
  • Sponsored CPG content for digital channel monetization, including retail media integrations.
  • Optional integrated BigOven Build APIs for recipes and food content.

Specifically developed for grocery retail, our platform includes ready-to-use functionality that not purpose built ones lack, decreasing time to market while offering all the future-proof flexibility a headless microservices platform would offer. With an API-first approach, unlimited scalability, a focus on grocery and food experiences, and implementation and execution services already included, your competitive advantages become agile.

As an omnichannel platform, engaging shoppers no matter where they start or where they end their shopping trip is the goal. Our platform is the base for your website, mobile apps and any other digital shopping experience, online or in-store. 

It is the platform for any-channel shopping experience whether your customers choose to shop online or in-store, with tools to build shopping lists, and meal planners all integrated with digital coupons, weekly ads, and food content such as recipes and how-tos.

Grocery e-commerce is unlike any other. Shoppers build shopping carts over time as they replenish staples, while being influenced by savings, suggestions, and content. Online shopping is constantly evolving and our platform offers the flexibility needed to adapt to today and tomorrow. 

With a shoppable, content-first approach, from the center of the store to the perimeter, suggestive and personalized selling, custom items and restaurant-style ordering, loyalty driven promotions fully integrated with your current systems, our platform can deliver differentiation where it matters the most.

The shopping your customers want to do online is not limited to only adding items to a cart or shopping list. Your digital end-points, from your mobile apps to the web, are the portal to everything you offer such as loyalty programs, digital coupons, circulars, and pharmacies, all the way to checking gift card balances. 

Keeping and attracting shoppers, no matter if they want to buy online, check loyalty points, clip coupons, plan their weekly meals, or simply find sale items, is a part of our platform. What you get is a digital presence that covers the whole lifecycle of the shopper’s interaction with you. With integration to our engagement platform, which includes features such as chatbots and online and in-store marketing tools, being the best answer to your customer’s intent becomes part of the routine.

Utilizing stores to fulfill orders is a challenge during busy store hours. The center and perimeter have different needs, like readily available and custom-made items. Here is where we introduce Smart Fulfillment: Deconstructing orders based on their contents, routing them to the correct in-store device, communicating with the customers throughout the process and, in the end, still creating a singular shopping experience.

Order management and fulfillment support for desktop, tablet, and pre-built apps for mobile in-store devices, are fully customizable through API  and integration with popular third-party last mile delivery partners so you can maintain your direct customer relationships.

Through communication touch points you can allow shoppers to give order feedback, manage item substitutions, and receive notification upon customer arrival. With deep integration to BigOven Build APIs, integrating content into the fulfillment process, personalized for what the customer bought, is no longer out of reach.

Our platform is ready to provide a 360-degree view of your digital business no matter what functionality was built to provide. With administrative dashboards (Commerce Manager) to manage inventory and product data management (PIM) that is connected in real-time with product information partners and image libraries, such as BigOven Build, to management of recipe and food content. 

With a headless content management system (CMS) included, you can publish your content across all channels, and set up offers, promotions and sponsorships, recipes and meal kits, as well as view statistics and reports, manage stores, fulfillment variables, users and custom modules, such as catering, all the way to search and how it behaves.

Putting together your digital commerce solution shouldn’t be a daunting task. Also, it shouldn’t take unlimited resources from your busy teams. In the era of talent shortages, our platform comes with deep development, integration and implementation services to assist with any step along the way.

With a full array of services, we go a step beyond, including custom integrations, development, and R&D to support any current and future initiative following your business decisions, including:


  • Discovery & Design of your one-of-a–kind digital commerce presence.
  • Implementation with rapid development, including UI/UX and mobile apps with our in-house development teams.
  • Deployment on hosting environment.
  • Ongoing support and development for today and what tomorrow brings.
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