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Aisle Ahead is Partnering with SoundHound

500,000+ Food and Drink Recipes from BigOven® will be accessible for Houndify Users

Aisle Ahead, Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with the leading innovator in voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies, SoundHound Inc. With our vast database of recipes from our recipe app, BigOven®, we will be allowing Houndify developers to have access to more than 500,000 food and drink recipes that can be made available via voice on apps and smart devices.

Partnering with SoundHound helps us fulfill our mission to get home cooks organized and inspired — both in the kitchen and on-the-go, and by connecting with Houndify it will allow users to have the ability to communicate with voice commands to get their recipes in seconds. We wanted to make sure the process would feel natural to cooks, and by using Houndify, users will be able to ask follow-up questions which will proceed to a flawless conversation when trying to figure out What’s for Dinner!

While using voice search, users will have a range of freedom by being able to search ingredients, cook time, and a sequence of filters to get the right recipe ideas.

Examples of voice queries include:

  • “Show me recipes for chicken alfredo.”
  • “Show me Italian recipes that can be made in less than an hour.”
  • “Show me a vegan stir-fry recipe, with tofu, that can be made in under 30 minutes.”

We want to offer cooks convenience and for them to feel at ease while cooking for friends and family. By our new partnership with SoundHound, we will be helping Houndify developers of voice-enabled devices to offer content to their users while they are cooking in the kitchen.

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