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Introducing BigOven Kitchen

Introducing BigOven Kitchen

This Thanksgiving, BigOven, the food content distribution platform and award-winning social media network for home cooks, unveils its new Knoxville-based production studio and test kitchen along with a series of cooking-made-easy videos and blogs, as a taste of what’s to come.

BigOven Kitchen, located in their newly renovated space in downtown Knoxville, features a state-of-the-art studio kitchen with smart appliances, dining room, bar, and lounge. Outfitted with professional-grade video and audio equipment for high-end video production, BigOven Kitchen will enter the world of food content creation and trend experimentation in order to make food adventures at home more approachable through entertainment. BigOven Kitchen’s intent is to provide unique and creative opportunities for audiences to gather around food and to capture memories.

Steve Siopsis, CEO of Aisle Ahead, the company behind BigOven, said in a news release:

“At Aisle Ahead, we have been providing ecommerce solutions to grocers and brands for years while trying to understand and solve the obstacles consumers face when trying to decide what to eat. We have found that technology can provide answers to the shopper’s grocery journey — from the convenience of curbside pickup-and-delivery to personalization through machine learning. But, content is needed to help make decisions. Through BigOven, we have been distributing food content, but are now excited to enter the content creator space to apply all the things we have learnt over the years. Considering how technology is also changing how we cook, with smart appliances entering the kitchen, we needed a space that would let us experiment, see what makes sense and really helps. The possibilities are endless with our new studio kitchen.”

In addition to unveiling their new studio space, BigOven will release a series of video recipes and accompanying blogs across their websites, app, and social media platforms.

BigOven, as a recipe-sharing social media network, has been dedicated, from its inception, to bringing people the love of food in a palatable format. Their videos are no exception. Striking a grounded balance of being both approachable, yet cinematic, each video delivers recipes that are at once simple, yet artful. In other words: “Cooking, Simplified.”

As BigOven expands into the media of video, companies and viewers can also expect future projects to include adventures in live-streaming, specialty segments, and so much more. Jordan Kooijman, Director of Marketing at Aisle Ahead, adds:

“BigOven has been in the food content sphere for over ten years, and we bring a wealth of experience to help create content that people want to engage with.”

While the BigOven Kitchen studio is best experienced in-person, you are invited to reach out at to explore the space and to discuss how to partner with BigOven Kitchen on future culinary collaborations.

About Aisle Ahead:

As an enterprise technology partner, Aisle Ahead is the first to provide grocery retailers with an e-commerce, in-store shopping, and food content platform that is completely customized per retailer as if everything is built in-house. Their mission is to empower retailers to compete, differentiate, and maintain direct customer relationships. The platform cultivates consumer connections and empowers the grocery shopping experience by understanding each shopper and their intent — whether it is planning a shopping trip, ordering online, or just looking for meal inspiration.

Its direct consumer channel, BigOven, is an award-winning social media network for home cooks that is also a food content management and distribution platform. Through open commercial APIs, it can reach any endpoint — from voice assistants and the smart kitchen to brand websites and complex grocery digital commerce experiences. Aisle Ahead’s service, BigOven Build, enables grocers, brands, and smart kitchen manufacturers to connect with consumers like never before and influence decisions uniquely through content in a rapidly changing world of grocery and shopper expectations.

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